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Turns out Superman was only human.

Been at work for well over an hour now, and it's only 9:30. It's going to be a long day.

I want to go home and play my Harry Potter game. Matthew and Aaron moved the big ass, sexy, HD TV that was sitting on our front porch into my room yesterday. Played HP into the wee hours of the morning. Very entertaining.

Tired, reading a "ghost stories" thread on Fark, as you can't get creeped out when sitting in a cubicle in a big room full of other people - and it's like a trainwreck. I just can't stop reading.

Mmm coffee. With about a half a cup of Splenda. Trying to stay awake, waiting for the sugar high to kick in.

In the meantime:

A guy goes into the bar and sits down and orders a drink. Other than the bartender, there's no one else in the place. All of a sudden he hears a voice that says, "Nice suit." He looks around and doesn't see anyone and the bartender looks busy washing some glasses. A little while later the same voice says, "Nice Tie." The guy looks around again and doesn't see anyone. He finally asks the bartender if he just said something.

"No," replied the bartender, "it wasn't me. It was probably the peanuts though. They're complimentary."

Har. Har.


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Oct. 16th, 2004 04:45 am (UTC)
So two guys are drinking in a bar on the 24th floor of a downtown high rise. They're both reasonably drunk and one decides to show the other a trick he learned frequenting this particular bar.

"Hey Joe, did you know that there's a big updraft between these two buildings?"
"Well check it out!"

The guy opens the window and dives out. Joe, scared shitless runs to the window just as his friend floats slowly in the air between the two buildings.

"Pretty cool huh?"
"Hell yeah!"

The first guy climbs back in the window and Joe jumps out, but instead of floating he falls to his untimely death, 25 stories below.

The bartender looks at the other guy and says "Superman, you're an asshole when you're drunk."
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