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Number one in the hood, g.

Back in LA. Drove down with Sue and Jolly this morning. Took 101 down instead of 5, which was refreshing, albeit a longer drive. Got in around 7:30, and took a much needed shower. My room is totally empty save my mattress, and my television. The room is back to a horrible shade of beige which made me sad and miss the green that spent a total of two weeks on the walls.

Tis unfortunate, but it's inspired me to really start looking for somewhere else, somewhere more permanent to live. Which is exciting because this means Jolly and I get to go crazy at IKEA and decorate a new place with our own stuff.

Really looking forward to throwing myself into various projects in the next few months. I think I might be able to shake this mood if I get into super productive mode.

It's totally ice cream time.

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