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Nera, I am thinking of the children.

Missed moving to LA today because of this horrible sickness that I contracted sometime last week. Disappointed/pissed off about that, actually. I had everything in the car and ready to go. I wanted to get this accomplished and move forward instead of sitting around at my parent's house feeling like everything horrible in the world died and buried themselves in my nose, throat, and head. Temperature went up to 103 last night, and broke this morning. Am still a little bit fever delirious. Am not thinking/speaking/typing... correctly. Everything is a little bit lagged.

Went to Disneyland for New Years and had a really good time. Bought a huge thing of fudge and saw an amazing fireworks display. Had an excellent meal at the Blue Bayou and rode Pirates (of course).

Now am sitting here eating chicken noodle soup and drinking Sprite trying to look at the bright side of this setback. Guess it'll give me another day or so to spend having a nice dinner with my father, and I can sort through the clothes and various personal items I'll be taking.

Hope everyone had a great New Year, it's almost impossible to think that it's already 2004.

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