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I like Pina Coladas... and Jimmy Buffet.

Typing to you from a hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Just left the beach where my partner in crime, Lauren, and I have gotten quite tan. The weather is perfect, warm in the sun with a nice breeze. As is the food. Damn is the food good.

My shining moment happened today when I sat on my beach chair wrong and the whole thing flipped on top of me - lemonade, lunch and all.

And I am still chock full of stories to share. I love the sun, but it will be nice to get home to the crisp fall air - and occasional rainy day. Not to mention a goo d night´s sleep.

So I return to the states a whole year older. Whoopee. I´ll have to make myself a big ole birthday cake or something once I get home.

Tonight we celebrate Thanksgiving by staying on the beach until a little after dark and then heading to a nice restaurant. Tomorrow, being our last day, we head into town to buy some things for friends and go watch the sunset high up on a rooftop near the old church. Saturday our plane leaves mid afternoon and I expect to be home by eight.

I can´t believe I´ve failed to mention the Pina Coladas. My. God. Give me the beach, the sunset, the pirate ship - Puerta Vallarta has it´s very own pirate cruise - in the distance, and a Pina Colada, and that very well might just be heaven.

Although I wouldn´t protest if Johnny Depp happened to be sitting in the beach chair next to me.

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