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Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream. Onnf.

Making toast, drinking coffee. Last day in Marquette. Should get in the shower and then walk to Dani's. Must stay out of sun today. My sunburn is looking *so* much better, but it still hurts if I sleep on it the wrong way. Although this whole tan line thing? Not so cool. Must do something about that.

My grandmother came in yesterday. Ah, Helen. She's a difficult woman, and I mean that in the best way, but she's just... difficult. I can't wait to see her face when she hears her granddaughter is a high school drop out. I shouldn't even explain the rest, just let her think I'm pregnant or something.

Plan for today is something like go to town, walk on the break wall, eat waffle fries (my love!) go swimming, have bonfire, watch sun set from Top of the World (big ass boulder on top of large hill, you can see everything from there), and go to Phil's 550 to get a t-shirt. Ah, Phil. 50 year old drunk guy with no love for Alex, unfortunately. But he's known me since I was 5, so he deals. And of course, head down to the lower harbor, which is awfully Dawson's Creek-esque, and get ice cream. And this is *not at all* and excuse to see cute ice cream guy.

Weather is perfect today, 84 degrees or something crazy. The moon was fantastic last night. Had a yellow-ish tint and was smack dab over the water. Not sure if we'll be able to see the Northern Lights this early, but we might as well give it a shot tonight. Last year I saw them for the first time and was amazed.

So, la de da - shower time.

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