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Band camp, Brat Pack and the Armed Forces.

Fun fact: I'm very slightly color blind. I used to wear glasses to correct this (or just get ripped off my the optometrist), but I haven't had a pair in years.

Tomorrow is Friday. Holy shit. I'll be on a plane in a week headed home. I hate planes. I mean, really. Who in their right mind would enter a metal tube and expect to be able to fly in it without dying a horrible painful death? Me. Apparently.

Spoke to Dani (who is so ready to come home), Rachel and Fran today. Fran's birthday was yesterday and Rachel has a new boyfriend. She's somewhat crazy about him but she's happy her days of sexual frustration are over. Well, for the time being anyway.

Just got done shopping for new jeans as my old favorite pair decided to become broken, so yay! New clothes.

(Download: Vast - Pretty When You Cry)
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