September 20th, 2004

cait full cheeky smile

"The moon gives me permission and I enter through her eyes."

"What do you want in a female companion? What is the first thing that attracts you. Her ability to cook and keep house or is it the way she looks? It's not politically correct, GM hates it when I draw that analogy. But it's absolutely correct."

--General Motors Vice Chairman BOB LUTZ likening women to an automobile's exterior design

Ah, Monday. It's back to gulping down coffee and eating sugar packets trying to become coherent in the mornings.

Shoved all my clothes in my closet last night which makes it possible to walk around my room with far less obstructions. Went to IKEA and bought a desk which Matt and I put together around midnight last night. It looks great and I'm really pleased with being able to sit down at a desk and work on my computer. It also looks like I'll be getting the new iMac for my birthday this year which I'm so stoked about. I would love to have a desktop computer again. And, woot! I now have a lovely place to put it.

Saturday jollyjelly, horatiohayes and seanzythewhite came over and we had a barbecue for Seanzy's birthday. Played some pool, had a ton of salsa, and made hot dogs (were they kosher?). Then we headed over to the Arclight so Jolly and Tim could take Seanzy to see Garden State. I myself saw Ghost in the Shell 2 and have come to the conclusion that anime just isn't my thing. I can see how some would dig it, I'm just rather indifferent.

Saturday night ended around three in the morning on the 19th, with shots of rum to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day and a call from Sue, who said, appropriately, "Arrr!".
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