the waitress at milliways (fenchurchly) wrote,
the waitress at milliways

Birthday Wishlist

(Yes, yes, we're more than a month off, but I can be excited, can't I?)

1) A metric shit load of these babies, with all of the calories extracted.

2) Completely impractical, absolutely-no-place-to-wear-these-to, Christian Louboutin red satin pumps.

3) To be Miss Rumphius, the Lupin Lady.

4) To live in a French chateau/farm making one of a kind cheeses.

5) Puppy!

6) All expenses paid trip to Fiji or Hawaii (I'm totally flexible), New Zealand and Australia, and the time off from work to do it.

OK, OK, I may have gone too far. All I really want is good food, good friends and maybe an ice cream cake with my face on it, ala:

Tags: birthday
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