the waitress at milliways (fenchurchly) wrote,
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This is one of those rare things that as a consumer, you walk away thinking, "Hot damn! Someone got something right".

Recently I embarked on a project where I wanted to frame about 15 pictures that I'd taken with my beat up Sony Cybershot over the last year or so. I was expecting a painful, expensive process of digging up originals, sticking them on a CD and taking them to CVS or Wolf Camera and getting crappy reproductions back. NOT SO!

Flickr apparently has this amazing service where you just order the pictures you have already uploaded to their awesome image gallery system, in any size you want, for a mere $.20/print! But that's not even the best part. You can pick up all your photos at the local target only an hour later!

Cheap, easy, fast! Just like my women.
Tags: consumerism

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