the waitress at milliways (fenchurchly) wrote,
the waitress at milliways


1. I have completely failed in my "put Christmas lights up" Sunday project. How do you put them on a railing? Are nails required? They are all tangled now and I feel like a failure.

2. The tree is still in the garage covered in boxes. There is also a car in the way, so naturally now the problem is insurmountable. Why is my Christmas cheer so lacking this year?

3. Outside a clothing store today I decided today would be the day I'd buy something different. Patterns! Crazy fabric! Maybe some sort of hat! I walked out with red and black turtlenecks. I'm so predictable. Maybe next time?

4. I've decided Sauvignon Blanc >>>>> Pinot Grigio, especially when consumed with a microwavable vegetarian Amy's burrito. Classy.

5. Winter time in Southern California is wonderful. It's 55 degrees outside which naturally translates to scarves, mittens and heavy overcoats. However, there's always that one girl still walking around in a halter top. Doesn't she realize this is the one chance she'll get all year to pretend it's cold outside?
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