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Adventures in Baking

I am not a chef. For those who know me personally, this is not a shocking revelation of any kind. I recently starting grilling on my fancy outdoor BBQ, but that is really the extent of my culinary awesomeness. I can make a pretty good baked Peanut Butter Chicken (sounds disgusting, but trust me), and I scramble eggs with the best of 'em. Everything else is pretty much a disaster.

So, as a matter of personal growth, I decided (sometime yesterday when walking by gorgeous display in Crate and Barrel; briefly inspired to wear nothing but an apron all day and open a shop - visions of people travelling for miles to sample my creations - I may have gotten ahead of myself) to try baking. The rebel that I am, I said a big 'F U' to work today (OK, my boss is out of town), and went to the store instead. The results of my (so far) successful adventure are

I got the recipe here, go go gadget live journal cooking community!

I did two pies, two different crusts. One store bought, and one from scratch (pictured).

Me with my batter, also will be cover of my forthcoming cookbook, "How to Seriously Wing It and Hope for the Best". Come to think of it, that title could be used for a myriad of subjects.

The after (Pie 2), complete with my "work from home" station next to the oven.

OK, it looks gross, but I swear it gives off a "I am tasty, eat me, you will not be sorry" vibe in person.

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