the waitress at milliways (fenchurchly) wrote,
the waitress at milliways

'Arry Pottah

I loved Harry Potter! I can't believe it has been 1.5 years since I saw the last one. I was in London and saw it at the big Odeon; I think it was 40 bucks for two tickets on a Friday night. Well worth it, but this movie was far better, I thought. I loved Helena Bonham Carter in it, she's amazing, and I'm sort of in love with her. And Gary Oldman! Helena and Gary, those crazy kids, I love them so.

Music Suggestions:

Feist - 1234
The Cardigans - Erase Rewind (Cut La Roc Vocal)
Natalie Walker - Quicksand (Thievery Corporation Remix)
Jimmy Eat World - Seventeen
Live - Lightning Crashes (Acoustic)
Sneaker Pimps - Six Underground (Perfecto Mix)
Tyrone Wells - Baby Don't You Change
Leigh Nash - All Along the Wall (Styrofoam Remix)

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