the waitress at milliways (fenchurchly) wrote,
the waitress at milliways

Inappropriate use of company time.

[13:54] Me: distract me
[13:54] Me: with a story or something
[13:54] Me: pls
[13:54] Chris: Where can I find gavel shaped sex toys?
[13:54] Me: for some reason
[13:54] Me: I read
[13:54] Me: 'shovel'
[13:55] Chris: jesus
[13:55] Me: I was thinking - some weird gardening fetish?
[13:55] Chris: oh I'm going to ti that garden
[13:55] Me: "Yeah, I'm potting your plant!"
[13:55] Me: "You're my hoe!"
[13:55] Chris: Can we get a little freaky tonight?
[13:55] Chris: I was....
[13:55] Chris: thinking...
[13:55] Chris: I could put it in your compost heap
[13:57] Me: that's awful, inappropriate.

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