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CES 2007

The gang watching DR. TRAN! at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas during CES (at around 4:30 in the morning).

From L to R: Matt, Tim, Luke, Erik, Chris, Keith, Me.

All taken at the Foundation Room at the Mandalay Bay. We had a private room inside the place, very early 1900's library feeling. We should have been planning world domination. Who knows, maybe we did?

Chris and Keith looking bad ass.

Snark, Me, Erik.

Matt, Tim.

Me, Redbull (gave me wings).

Matt and Chris at the Hofbrauhaus. Singing and dancing Germans! Beer! Funny Hats! Hooray!

(thanks to Pinguino for all the images)

EDIT: So, here's the rundown. Got to Vegas on Sunday, headed to the amazing Hofbraushous for sausages and lots and lots of beer. We then walked to the world renowned (okay, Hacker renowned) Alexis Park bar where we proceeded to get super sloshed. My blackberry ended up getting smashed, so that sucked. Chris was nice enough to work it out so a new one would be fedexed to me first thing Tuesday which was awesome.

Monday I spent in the hotel room just working. Without a blackberry it would have been difficult to be at the conference and work at the same time. That night we ate at Okada, the amazing Hibachi grill restaurant inside the Wynn. From there, we hit the Foundation Room (which you can see above). It has the most amazing view of the strip you'll ever come across. We continued to get super sloshed (beginning to see a theme?), got back to the room at around 4:00 AM, ordered room service and passed out.

Tuesday was spent at the conference, and I had a work dinner at Pinot in the Venetian. Most of the people at my table I recognized (Keith, Thomas from my office, and this guy from Universal Pictures International), but there was one person I didn't know. I introduced myself and it turns out he was the President of Marketing for Universal, before GE bought us. Uh... Wow. Went back to the hotel after and passed. the fuck. out.

Wednesday was more conference fun! More work dinner (Craftsteak at MGM with Lisa from Bravo and my boss)! Attempted to head to the Mix at Mandalay which used to be our must-go-to Vegas place, but didn't get in. Apparently the place is all Hip-Hopified now and lame, which is really too bad.

Thursday we slept late-ish, ate, and started the drive back. Snark, who lives in Seattle, joined us on our road trip, and as soon as we got to LA he hopped on a plane back North.

So, ta da! That was Vegas.
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