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My puppy of 13 years, Sasha, died yesterday :(. She apparently had a brain tumor that very suddenly started showing side effects starting last Saturday with a seizure. She couldn't walk very well, and was walking around in circles... among many others things. We decided it was best to let her pass away gently instead of putting her through more pain and delaying the inevitable. She was a wonderful pet and extremely loyal friend. I got her when I was barely six years old, and every morning she would open my door and wake me up. Even after I moved out of my parent's house, she'd still go to my door in the morning expecting me to be there. Every time I came home she'd run as fast as she could over to say hello, and wouldn't leave my side until I had to leave again.

Her unconditional, unapologetic adoration and loyalty makes it so hard to so goodbye, especially when she was wagging her tail at me 15 minutes prior to her falling asleep for good.

It was for the best, certainly. Our other dog, Baci definitely knew something was up, and I just hope we can make it so he doesn't get too lonely now.

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