Birthday Wishes (5 of 23)

My 23rd birthday is in ten days, and I humbly request the following things:

A day of:

The talent of:

The spunk of:

This jacket (I die):

and a life even more spectacular than the one I've come to know.

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Spring... almost!

Classes have begun again and so has the procrastination coupled with anxious energy which generally leads to a few days of extreme productivity and then the cycle repeats itself. Work follows a similar pattern, usually on the same days of the week as the aforementioned chaos which is convenient on the slow days and stressful on the busy ones. As much as I tend to moan, in the end I enjoy the hectic nature of things these days, it makes me feel necessary and not like I'm wasting time.

I'm going up North to see my parents this weekend and am excited for mom's home cooking and the Bay Area fog: the perfect prescription for a tired mind.

The main takeaway from this update is that things are generally going very well and that you should be watching all of Mad Men every chance you get if you have not fallen in love with it (and Don Draper) already.
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"Everything I pick up seems to lure me away. Everything I do in my daily life begins to feel like striking wet matches.

The need to travel is a mysterious force. A desire to go runs through me equally with an intense desire to stay home. An equal and opposite thermodynamic principle. When I travel, I think of home and what it means. At home I'm dreaming of catching trains at night in the gray light of Old Europe, or pushing open shutters to see Florence awaken. The balance just slightly tips in the direction of the airport.

I asked an impulsive question, What if we did not go home, what if we kept traveling?

- from A Year in the World by Frances Mayes
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Hawaii, Jan 2009

I wish to be this Monk seal, lounging on the beaches of Kauai, sleeping the day away in the sun.

Pictures from the trip to Kauai and Maui are here. I want to go back, like, right now.
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For Ms. Jolly

A. Each tagged person must post 8 things about themselves on their journal.
B. At the end, you have to choose and tag 5 people.

1. I am loving school, which is something I never thought I would say. I realize now that all this time I was afraid to fail at it so I avoided it all together. I’m still insecure about my ability in this area, and it continues to make me uncomfortable.

2. I have officially been working the same job for three years (with a few title changes and raises) as of this month.

3. My favorite board games are Trivial Pursuit (90’s Edition), Cranium (Jolly and Seanzy, I want a rematch!), and Stratego.

4. I’m going to sell my car this Spring for something more practical (i.e. four doors, better gas mileage).

5. I am terrible with proper comma usage. Every paper I’ve written for school so far had at least three comma splices in it; therefore I’ve seen ‘CS’ in large red ink more than I care to say.

6. Like most early twenty-somethings, I want to change the world. However, I don’t want to tell anyone this for fear of breaking the illusion that I am a deeply cynical and logical person.

7. My social anxiety issues that are popping up more and more at work. They take the form of tiny panic attacks before in-person meetings and I usually try to avoid them in favor of conference calls if I can swing it. Even the calls can be painful sometimes.

8. I am obsessed with crock pots and crock pot recipes, if anyone has any to share, I want ‘em!

I'm supposed to "tag" 5 other people, but instead this will be an open invitation to everyone who wishes to participate.
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"Sleepy" is in second place.


It's my most common response to "How are you?" these days and I've grown tired of the word. Work is crazy and long, long hours but rewarding. With each new project that makes me consider changing my name and moving to Fiji comes a large sense of accomplishment once completed/under control. School is great, but time consuming. Finals are next week and I'm really looking forward to a break before starting classes again in mid January. There's a seemingly never ending list of errands to run that is getting almost completely neglected. It's frustrating and can be a bit of a rollercoaster at times, so I'm looking forward to getting through the next two weeks and relaxing for a little while.